Attending international college job fairs can be a harrowing practical experience, but are an effective method to incorporate into your hunt for a teaching job abroad. All international teachers have a handful of stories to inform about their experiences at these job fairs.

I was sharing job fair stories with a colleague nowadays and I was shocked at his take on the complete approach. He practically produced a decision that would have price him the job that he is at present enjoying right here in Thailand.

We had been speaking about the initial job fair session – the sign up. In the course of the sign up session schools are set up with a desk in 1 or two rooms at the venue. Teachers then come along and sign up for interviews with the schools that interest them. Based on which job fair you attend, this can be a actual cattle market place of pushing and shoving. At the extremely least it is going to involve standing in line.

My colleague did not want to wait in any lines, so he initially approached only schools with brief ones. The line for our existing employer was 1 of the longest in the area and place him off. Lastly he decided to join the line following reading some of the literature the college had with them for potential teachers. In the course of the 25 minute wait he practically gave up and left many instances, but did not. Which is just as properly for the reason that the position he at present holds is 1 that actually suits him and he’s enjoying living and functioning right here in Thailand.

I method the sign up session with a strategy. I have many copies of my application pack currently ready and invest the time waiting in line speaking to the teachers about me to get insider information and facts on schools and positions.

What is your strategy?

Verify the international teaching job fair organiser’s web page the evening just before the sign up session for alterations in vacancies. International college vacancies are fluid and can transform from day to day, specially when the job fairs get started. When you go into the sign up session take with you an up-to-date list of schools with appropriate vacancies. This will allow you to line up in the lines that are going to get you the very best outcome.

Appear at the international schools’ internet websites prior to attending the sign up session. If doable appear at the school’s internet websites to come across out what applications they give, no matter whether they are in the center of the city or in the suburbs, what additional curricular activities they give, what accreditations they have. This can help you in deciding no matter whether they are going to be a appropriate employer for you.

Take additional copies of your application pack to give to college recruiters. Your application pack is your ticket to receiving interviews. If you happen to be following the techniques I give you in The Total Guide to Securing a Job at an International College, you should really have emailed your application pack to the attending schools that have relevant vacancies prior to the commencement of the job fair. In addition to this, take additional copies with you to the job fair, and specially the sign up session, to give to schools that abruptly place up vacancies that interest you.

Be ready to wait in line to speak to the international college recruiters. When you attend a job fair, keep in mind that a extended line could indicate a college exactly where teachers want to function, and vice versa. To assist you make the selection about no matter whether you stand in line and wait, go to the front of the line and see if there is any literature on the table that you can take away and study.

Use the time you stand in line to collect information and facts. International college teachers attend these teaching job fairs and they are a important supply of information and facts. Use the time you are standing in line waiting to speak to recruiters to elicit information and facts about distinctive schools, applications and circumstances. Ask them all the queries you have for the reason that they are the very best supply of information and facts you will come across and although you happen to be all standing in line, what else can you do?